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Marianne Moore once defined 'poetry' as "Imaginary gardens with real toads in them". I found this such a striking definition of something that captures the values of poetry that I couldn't leave it alone.

I've been writing - attempting - poetry since I knew how to hold a pen(cil). Some poems I write I like, most I don't, but every now and then I feel compelled to write them down, like a flush of emotion that demands access to some sort of visible medium that can later be accessed and reconsidered. I thought, maybe, that sharing these poems could help me out a little. I welcome critiques, critical and constructive (though I do, of course reserve the right to ignore the sharper sides of people's tongues ;) ), and hope that in return for your help I can leave you with something better than sorry attempts at a craft which only a tiny few have ever really mastered.

Clear Skies~V

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Sleepless Angel | Your Falling Angel

My Sleepless Angel

Close your eyes, my sweetest one, 
And rest your head in sleep.
Let me watch your dreamery 
And hold you close to me.

Wake not from troubled wind or rain
That outside sets a storm
For soothe away will I the fear
And guard your sleep ‘til morning’s here.

Sleep in my arms, my dreaming one, 

And sleep you calm and deep. 
Hold your golden head will I
And love you always ‘til I die.

Your Falling Angel

Watch me fall, my treasured one,
Since my wings have burned away.
Take my halo from my crown,
Kiss me deep and cast me down.

And when I hit the hardened ground,
Cold and hopeless and lost.
Gather me up in your embrace,
And sing to me of your lost grace.

For you my skies, my heart, my blood,
All I am you've made me.
Guard my sleep until I wake,
And hold me to you when I break.

I wrote My Sleepless Angel in August of 2006, it was inspired by a particular someone, more like about the fact that said particular someone was pulling the 'sleep is for the weak' every time I managed to keep him awake past the early hours of the morning. Yesterday, I looked at the poem again; I've been trying to set Sleepless Angel to music; and I came up with a second section to it, almost like a reply, which was inspired by the poem, and in many ways inspired by the relationship of the fictional characters that N and I wrote, way back in the beginning before we really knew each other. Falling Angel is also inspired by the SecondLife company I've been keeping lately (which was the inspiration for Fall). So attribute the second one to the credits of N and X combined, one for the making and one for the breakage.

Clear Skies~V

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